Learn about the BRAIN!

I recently came across an article, "What Anxious and Angry Kids Need To Know About Their Brain," that gives an excellent explanation of how to talk about the brain with children.

Author of the article, Nicole Schwarz, opens by saying, "Big feelings like anger, frustration, jealousy, anxiety, sadness, and stress can be overwhelming to kids. Without warning, their body is flooded with physical sensations – racing heart, tense muscles, sweat, tingling fingers....One way to empower your child (and to reassure them that they are totally normal), is to teach them about the brain." 

I couldn't agree more! One thing I love to do in session with children is teach them different aspects of the brain and how it works. This understanding really helps children in challenging moments! It also helps parents and caregivers by having another strategy to remember when a child is having a hard time managing a big emotion. Take a moment to read the article and see how you and your child can learn more about the brain together!

Laura Ann Pierce