Podcast: The Anxious Child

I recently discovered a podcast called "Preschool and Beyond" and have really enjoyed catching up on episodes and exploring the different topics presented. The podcast is presented by Discovery Child Development Center and as stated on their website, their goal "is to answer common questions that arise during the preschool years, and provide helpful tips and ideas on how to engage with your preschool children." Sharing their perspectives in the podcast are varying professionals, including  teachers, researchers, and other early childhood experts. Today, as I drove into work, I caught up on Episode 22: The Anxious Child. As I listened, I found myself nodding as Dr. Kristin Olson shared information about anxiety and children. So much of what she offered to listeners in the podcast matches exactly what I share with parents in my office every day. Professionals agree: anxiety is real for children and their parents can play a huge role in helping them learn to manage and understand worry! If you're interested, take a listen for yourself. I think you'll find the perspective helpful and relevant. You'll hear why reading Little Worm: A Story About Worry with your child can be useful! The podcast is fairly short and an easy listen! Just another resource for caregivers interested in finding the best ways to support children! Enjoy!


Laura Ann Pierce